nylesvanial said: I really do have to ask who are the bands in your playlist are?

Omg sorry for replying this so late! I have been without internet such a loooong time, so please forgive me~
The bands… well, as I’m from my mobile right now I can’t give you a concrete answer, I don’t remember very good wich are the playlist band’s names, but I’ll try make it easier for you to search them xD
- Beatiful Girl - Broken Iris
- Nana’s opening (instrumental)
- Maybe the GazettE and Maximum the Hormone instrumentals

I’m so sorry, I can’t listen to them by here and my memory is quite a mess! I’ll surely answer you again when I’ve got the proper answers!!
I’m such a fool xD
My gomens~

i wonder… what if every human in the world knows colors as their names but they are different for each of us. i mean if there’s red, and i call it red and you call it red, but we see different colors, is just we know them like that and that’s how it works
maybe for some people trees are blue and for me yellow, but all of us know that color as green


The Badass Girls of Black Butler


The Badass Girls of Black Butler

Ciel x Doll


*saves game six times just in case*

First time doin this ~ 

If your blog is about:

- Death Note

- Neon Genesis Evangelion

- Nagi no Asukara

- Issukan Friends

- Code Geass

- Clannad

- Suzumiya Haruhi no yuutsu 

- K-on

- Lord of the Rings 

- Ghibli movies 

- Angel Beats

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Nagi no Asukara scenery

"You were supposed to be by my side until the end.
Don't you dare leave e behind, Sebastian!"

Pedazo de idiotas :v

me like everytime I try doing exercise 

Dumbledore: The dark forest is strictly forbidden to all students
Dumbledore: Except for detention
Dumbledore: Where you will be forced to wander around when it's darkest and scariest
Dumbledore: Doesn't that make so much sense
Dumbledore: I'm so good at rules
Dumbledore: Ten points to Dumbledore


Poetry in motion like the ocean